Plastic Bumper Repair

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Bumper repair on Camry.?

Today ,when I pulled out my Toyota Camry I found a dent about the size of a palm on the right side of the bumper.Someone obviously hit it & sped away when the car was parked.I would like to know if this dent can be tinkered or tapped out or do I need to replace the whole bumper? They say the bumper is made of fiber or I guess some kind of plastic.

I am insured with State farm.Will State farm cover the repair or replacement cost? Since I'm not sure who the sly person was who caused this,how do I make a claim?
My deductible is $500/-.What if I reduce it to $250 & then make my claim?

Posted by God is awesome
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It's a "plastic bumper"..
Check with your State Farm Agent to check to see if you are
covered and how much the deductible will be.

You may also want to replace the bumper yourself . You can get
the entire bumper, painted, and in good condition if you take a
bit of time searching.

Check with enter your cars info.. And do a local
search. You'll be surprised at what you will find at local salvage
companies. ( and that's what deals with )

By the way, because of the flexing of the bumper, that area of
paint damage will grow quite a bit.

Hope this helps a bit.

Good Luck.

Estimated cost to repair a damages bumper??? Detials inside?

It was accidentaly backed into another car. The bumber is dented a bit and scratched, it unhinged a bit where it hit the other car, its expected to fall off
info: 2003 dodge durango slt, light blue
oh, the bumber is only dented and scrateched in the area of impact on one side of it, the other side of the bumber is fine.

Posted by Adfja A
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OK ….there are possiblely a cuple differnt answers i can give you here…..
1st answer…(assuming the bumper is Plastic bumper with metal reinforced inside braceing) if this is cracked and coming off….u can temporaly patch it or reattach it with other types of materials from the underside but….the problem here is that if the metal underfram is bent your gonna have to replace the metal or rebend it as close back to were it was Estimated cost to fix this type…will vary if you dont have to replace any thing ($150) chance (SLIM) if you have to just replace the metal brace and brackets (400+) chance (highly possible have to replace both plastic cover and metal bracket cost (600-1500+) depending on body package chance (Very likely)

2. If you have a metal bumper HEY! Your in luck! Cuz u can more than likely do the work your self or know someone who can …but evn if you dont…most shops can replace a standard metal bumper for a decent fee this also includes brackets etc generaly since for a vehicle of that age more than likely it would come from a scrap/junk yard to save cost. Please note if you can get a decent junk yard bumper i would higly recomend this route to save you money to put it bluntley.
Junkyard bumper 25-200 buks…….NEW bumper from a generic parts store (advance /autozone etc) if they can get them $ 200-400 (DEALER) ….errrrrr welll lets just say….it might be cheaper to buy a new truck! Lol $800+ would be my bet. Plus if you get a junk yard bumper you can be sure of the fit almost every time. Were as some after market ones can be sketchy. Plus with a metal bumper you dont have to wory about painting! So all in all with a little research and time i feal sure for around or less than 400 bux u can do this job if its metal bumper.
Well i hope this has helped have a great day!

Plastic bumper repair 2000 Honda Civic?

I need to repair my damaged plastic bumper, indented area is about 10cm x 10cm. Is there a sandable plastic repair product, or can fibreglass be bonded over the top of the exisiting coloured plastic?

Posted by cal_blam
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I don't know how to fix it, but I'm sure any body repair shop will tell you how or repair it for you for about $200.

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